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Tuesday, June 10, 2003

The Dis-United States of Europe

There are those in Europe who are working towards a political and economic union that, they believe, would equal the USA; in terms of economic power and political “clout”.

They believe that every act that harmonises European law, such as the introduction of a single currency, brings them ever closer to realising their dream.

Yet they ignore the one fundamental difference between Europe and the USA; that prevents the free movement of labour, and places an intolerable bureaucratic burden on the European Commission and European Parliament.

The difference is one of language. The USA has one common language, the European Union does not.

Currently official documentation has to be translated into all of the languages, of the ever increasing number of member states. This creates a mountain of paperwork, and an army of translators.

A unified Europe will, if it wishes to emulate the USA, have to address the issue of language; and adopt one common language for all member states. This language will have to be spoken by every man, woman and child throughout the European Union.

Now tell me; do you really believe that the Europeans could ever voluntarily agree on which language they should speak?

My conclusion, a United States of Europe is but a fanciful dream.

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