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Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Joining The Dots

Tony Blair and George Bush are very keen to join the dots, and persuade us of the "connectivity" between certain threats and events. They seek to use this "connectivity" to persuade us to support the so called "war against terror", being waged against the "crescent of evil" (previously known as the "axis of evil").

Joining the dots is a very simplistic and dangerous approach in use a complex situation. Mankind often sees connections and patterns, where often there are none.

Were we to believe it there are patterns in the sky that resemble Great Bears and Ploughs, yet on close examination there are nothing but unconnected lights in the sky with no resemblance at all to these objects.

The same can be said for the patterns and connections that Blair and Bush see on planet earth. Invariably the "connections" are not as strong as they would have you believe, the dots are being joined to promote their particular political fetish/objective.

Joining the dots is a dangerous political simplification, and should be treated with extreme caution.