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Sunday, May 29, 2005

The Top Ten Reasons Why ID Cards Are Bollocks

I went down the pub last night, for a drink or two; and it is fair to say that, in the spirit of annoying our elected representatiaves, an elegant sufficiency of booze and cigarettes were consumed.

During last night’s celebrations, we mused on the top ten reasons why ID cards are bollocks (how sad is that?). Here is our top ten:
  • ID cards are the tools of choice of dictators, during peacetime. Don’t take our word for it ask Churchill, Bush or Thatcher; all of whom have said the self same thing.

  • ID cards can easily be forged, eg visit

  • The alleged purpose of ID cards is to prove someone’s identity, this can already be done with ease via eg; passports, NI numbers, driving licence or birth certificates to name but a few. Therefore ID cards are unnecessary.

  • Foreigners passing through Britain do not have to hold ID cards.

  • Proof of identity is no deterrent to terrorism, the determined "loon" is perfectly happy letting the world know his/her real name in a suicide bombing.

  • Whilst we may be "waging war" against others, we are not "at war"; there is no external threat to the existence of this nation, aside from the internal threat posed by Labour.

  • The cost of implementing, and managing, ID cards is prohibitive.

  • The IT requirements, necessary to effectively manage the huge database envisaged by Labour, are not feasible. No IT project implemented by politicians, of any party, has ever worked properly or met budget.

  • ID cards do not have to be carried by individuals, therefore their purpose is negated.

  • ID cards will not be issued to every citizen of Britain until 2014. Labour claims that we are all in danger, yet she is taking 10 years to address that threat.
Do you not think that Labour is being a little slow here?

Could it be that we are actually not in as much danger as they would have us believe?

This list took us around 5 minutes of alcohol fuelled deliberations to create, ie it was not very difficult to pull Labour’s arguments to shreds.

If it is that easy for us "ordinary mortals" to pull her logic to threads; why does Labour still persist in her plans, and why has the "Leader" of the "Opposition" committed political suicide by supporting the introduction of ID cards?