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In Your Face
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Friday, December 08, 2006

A Child Is Born

The current furore in the evangelical wing of the Republican Party, over the pregnancy of Mary Cheney is highly revealing.

It underlines the tragic collapse of the Republican Party from being merely a right wing party, to being one infested with and controlled by Christian Fundamentalists (who are one goose step short from wearing a swastika and burning down mosques).

Religion and politics should be kept as far away apart from each other as possible. When they mix, tragedy and disaster is bound to follow.

Let us hope that the putrid vitriol being unleashed by these so called "Christians" finally wakes the American people, and the ordinary members of the Republican Party, up to the dangers of allowing a political party to be taken over by intolerant extremists.

McCarthy almost destroyed the Republicans, so will the Christians if they are not stopped.