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Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The Cricket Test Revisited

In the aftermath of the revelation that lthe recent London bomb attack was carried out by British Muslims, there has been an earnest volley of questions fired off at British Muslims by the media; as to what possessed these young men to murder their fellow countrymen.

Rather disturbingly many of those questioned, whilst saying that they do not approve of or condone murder, were quick to say that many Muslims are angry about British foreign policy. Whilst not explicitly saying that this anger should be an excuse for murder, those questioned imply that it may be a reason for the attack. This clutching at straws for a reason has provided a "shroud of respectability" to cover the decapitated corpses of the bombers.

This attempted "justification" for the bombing is absurd. There are many people in Britain who do not support our current foreign policy; ie they know that the Iraqi venture was criminally irresponsible, given the scandalous lack of thought and planning that had been devoted to the rebuilding of Iraq once the regime had been decapitated.

However, despite not approving of the British foreign policy, British citizens do not pack a rucksack with C4 and rush to the nearest tube station intent on murdering their fellow citizens.

I am afraid that the reason for the attack is far more simple, and basic, one of blind hatred for the West and its culture.

The bombers did not regard themselves as being either British, or indeed Western; they had rejected the culture and values of their birth country, in favour of their highly selective and morally reprehensible interpretation of the values and principles of Islam. In other words, they regarded their birth nation as the enemy.

How could such a state of affairs come to pass, whereby citizens born in Britain totally reject its values and democratic principles?

The answer, and the blame, lays full square at the door of the Muslim community in Britain. It is evident that the Muslim community, particularly in the North, has steadfastly refused to integrate into "mainstream" British society. They remain isolated and cut off; they appear as outsiders looking in, with suspicion and contempt for the British way of life.

This contempt is reinforced generation after generation, as the children born into the Muslim community are taught customs and practices (outwith religious ceremonies and worship) that are "not common practice" within the British way of life. In particular the role of women in Muslim society, as demonstrated by the dress code, is one area of significant difference. It has been argued by some, that the burqa is designed to show respect for women and the sanctity of the family; a cynic might ask why it is that men are not required to wear them as well. The emphasis within the Muslim community is on women being seen to be moral and modestly dressed at all times, Western women are regarded as little better than whores.

This contempt shown for the West is inevitably transmitted, in a closed community, from generation to generation. Western society is regarded as being morally decadent and degenerate. This is evidenced most aptly by the actions of the parents of one of the bombers. When, a few years ago, the teenager went through a rebellious period he was packed off to Pakistan; thus taking him away from the "corrupting influence" of the West. This action speaks volumes about what the Muslim community thinks of the West, and of British society.

Given the isolated and closed nature of many of the Muslim communities in Britain, it is hardly surprising that a generation is being brought up filled with hatred and contempt for their non Muslim contemporaries. Until the Muslim community recognises this failing and not seek "easy answers and excuses" for the bombing, such as British foreign policy, we will see more young men decapitate themselves in the name of a futile and evil cause.

Norman Tebbit was once mocked for his infamous "cricket test" analogy, whereby a citizen’s allegiance was tested by identifying which cricket team he supported. A similar, and very uncomfortable, question needs to be asked by British Muslims of themselves namely; which takes priority, Islam or Britain?

Where they answer in the former, it may be time for them to consider leaving. Where they answer in the latter, they must open up their communities; and accept that it is up to them to integrate with British society, not the other way around.

Friday, July 08, 2005


London has been a major city for over 2000 years.

It has survived fire, flood, plague, rioting, the Luftwaffe and the IRA.

Yesterday's attack by human scum will not destroy it, London will survive long after their intellectually and morally bankrupt theocracy has been consigned to the dustbin of history.