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Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cherie's Memoirs

Those of you who have bothered to read Cherie Blair's excruciating memoirs about her husband's time in office, in which she uses words such as "unmentionables" and "contraceptive equipment" when detailing their sex lives, may be wondering why she brought forward the publication date originally scheduled for October this year.

The answer is simple, it's the money stupid.

Cherie believes, as do many, that Gordon Brown will be out of office by then. She knows that her book, given its tittle tattle expose of the shenanigans at number 10 during the Blair/Brown years, will not sell well once the Blair/Brown years are consigned where they rightly belong, to the dustbin of history.

Ironically Cherie, by exposing her true nature in this book, has provided the world with the clearest insight into the "moral base" of Nu Labour; money focused, self centred and lacking in any form of integrity.

Cherie is to be congratulated for that at least!