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Saturday, June 11, 2016

Germany Is Terrified of Brexit

Germany is terrified of a Brexit vote as it knows it will cause other "Northern" members (eg Netherlands and Denmark) to leave, thus causing an imbalance between Germany and France/Southern European countries that are economically weaker and have a different view as to how to run an economy.

Monday, June 06, 2016

The EU Referendum - Which Way To Vote?

The real issue in the EU referendum, one that neither side has really focussed on, is where the EU is actually going wrt a political and monetary union, and whether that will actually work without causing complete chaos.

Look at Greece as an example of what happens in the euro when things go wrong (50% plus youth unemployment etc). 

If we vote to remain we will be confronted some years ahead with having to decide on full integration, or being on the periphery (in effect side lining ourselves). This is the real issue that no one wants to/seems able to discuss. It will be then that we realise what we have actually got ourselves into.
To that end, the decision as to which way to vote EU referendum will be best decided by your guts, as the statistics that both sides are throwing about (financial, immigration etc) are all bollocks.  

Step back on the day and ask yourself, does the eu/euro model feel right and will  it work?

That will give you the answer.