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Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Why We Don't Need The Royal Mail

As the Royal Mail descends further into chaos (strikes, post office closures and late deliveries) it is time for the long suffering customers to step back and ask themselves if they really need the Royal Mail.

In truth, none of us needs the Royal Mail. Here are a five reasons why we no longer need the Royal Mail:

1 There are other companies to deliver mail and packages

2 The service is at best unreliable, and is currently subject to the whim of the unions

3 We have email, mobile phones and the internet, all of which can be used to send messages

4 Bills can be paid online, or via the telephone

5 Large amounts of "snail mail" is in fact junk mail, and it therefore unwanted and unnecessary

The unions and management need to wake up to the fact that their services are no longer necessary; failure to do so will mean that they will all be out of work.