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Thursday, June 12, 2003

Counter Points To Militant Vegetarianism

I fully endorse the principles of freedom of speech, thought and belief; so long as one person’s beliefs do not attempt to ride “rough shod” over another’s.

To this end, although I eat meat, I am perfectly happy to accept that others may choose a way of life that eschews meat eating in favour of a vegetarian diet; indeed I support their right to do so.

However, I do not support “diet dictators” who spend their lives telling others how and what eat; and who enhance their practical dietary advice with a relentless bombastic lecture on the unhealthy, and immoral, aspects of the diets of those who do not acquiesce to their views.

“Diet dictators” are not confined to any one group, and can include the following:

 The anti fat lobby

 Those who eschew carbohydrates

 The organic brigade

 The GM lobby (pro and anti)

 Vegetarians

On a personal level, I have been fortunate enough to only have rare encounters with “diet dictators”. However, some people are not so fortunate; and find themselves confronted on a very personal level by these intolerant people.

Militant vegetarians seem to be the more prevalent, and vociferous, in Western society. Therefore I have put together four simple counter points, that can be used by anyone when confronted by a militant vegetarian:

 Mankind’s brain size and power increased as a direct result of the protein being ingested from meat eating.

 We have incisors for tearing flesh.

 Herbivores (such as sheep) eat by grinding their jaws in a “side to side” motion, the resultant wear on their teeth is counteracted by the fact that their teeth are continually growing. Human jaws work in an “up and down” motion and our teeth, once fully formed, stop growing.

 Hitler was a vegetarian.

Point taken?

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