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Friday, June 06, 2003

The Absurdity of English Pub Closing Time

Those of you who live in England or who have travelled to England may find, like I do, the 11:00PM closing time to be somewhat absurd. Unless the publican has obtained special permission, he has to close his pub by 11:00PM Monday to Saturday and 10:30PM on Sunday’s.

This “nanny like” state of affairs arose from regulations introduced during the First World War.

Whilst assembling shells and other explosive devices; British munitions workers were often so drunk that they would, on occasions, blow themselves and their factories up. To improve the sobriety, and productivity, of the workers the government of the day sought to restrict opening times. Part of that legacy remains with us to this very day; in the form of 11:00PM closing.

Whenever changes have been proposed, these have been opposed by religious elements within parliament who raise vociferous objections.

To my view, politics and religion should be kept well apart. My views on religion are well known, and are expressed in my article “What Use is Religion?”
click here to view it.

My simple message to our beloved legislators is this:

“The First World War is over, let us now move on to the 21st century”.

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