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Saturday, July 12, 2003

What’s the Difference Between the UK Conservative Party and 29000 Rubber Ducks?

I see that after an 11 year journey; 29000 rubber ducks, which fell off a container ship in the Pacific in 1992, are expected to make land fall in New England sometime in the next few weeks.

Now tell me, if 29000 inanimate objects can stay together whilst making an epic journey surviving all the nature throws at them; why can’t the UK Conservative party achieve the same feat for more than a few days?

Yet again, just as they (the Conservatives, not the ducks) seemed to be improving their position in the polls; they have managed to show the world their deep internal divisions in the shape of a spat erupting between the leader (Iain Duncan Smith) and one who wished to be leader (Ken Clarke), over that ever popular topic of Europe.

I guess, from the perspective of the man in the street, the rubber ducks appear to be the more unified, disciplined and durable of the two organisations.

My advice to the Conservatives is simple; remember that your role as Her Majesty’s Official Opposition is to oppose the government, not to conduct public bar brawls with yourselves.

On present form the ducks, should they choose to stand for election, would have my vote.

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