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Saturday, July 26, 2003

The Emperor’s Clothes

In 1997 Tony Blair won a sweeping election victory, he was elected Prime Minister; as the British people had finally tired of 18 years of rule by the Conservative Party. The promise of a fresh approach to the governing of the UK gave people hope that “things could only get better”. This fresh approach was emphasised by Tony Blair’s well spun phrase “trust me, I’m a straightforward kind of a guy”.

It has taken some 6 years, but now the British people have seen that the spin manufactured by New Labour adds as little value to effective, honest government and to the quality of their lives; as the emperor’s clothes did for his dignity and protection against the elements.

In a poll carried out this week, the majority of those questioned stated that they didn’t believe a single word the Prime Minister said.

Whilst politicians are known to tell the “odd porky”, it is a disgrace of the highest magnitude to find oneself governed by a Prime Minister whose every word is greeted with disbelief by the citizens of the UK.

This situation, in effect, makes the country ungovernable. Tony Blair, were he a man of honour and principle would at this point step down. However, it is evident that he is bereft of both of these qualities necessary in a leader.

With the imminent departure of Alastair Campbell (the Prime Minister’s master of spin), the situation for Blair and Labour will worsen. What little protection the spin once provided will now be removed (there will be no effective replacement for Campbell). The court of Blair, and his own peculiar personality traits (we are assured he is not psychotic), will be exposed to the glare of public scrutiny; without the distractions and deflections of spin.

Additionally, the forthcoming enquiry in to the death of Dr Kelly will be the closest the UK has come to the Watergate hearings in the USA.

Mr Blair deludes himself if he thinks he can ride this one out:

 The country doesn’t trust him.

 The Labour Party despises him.

 He will soon have no spin master.

This will turn very ugly indeed.

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