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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Protests Over Healthcare Reform in The US

President Obama's proposals for healthcare reform have set off a wave of protests at town hall meetings across the US, and have even spurred British politicians to enter the fray as the NHS comes under fire from certain quarters in the US.

In reality the healthcare issue is being used as the touchstone by the rabid right to stir people up. The rabid right are fanning the flames of protest, using fear of change as their fuel.

The US, like it or not, is changing:

1 It is broke, thanks in no small part to the ruinously costly wars that it started under Bush

2 It owes China, an emerging superpower, $1.4 trillion

3 The GOP is leaderless/rudderless and has its agenda "driven" by dangerous loons such as Palin and unscrupulous "news"/media networks such as Fox

4 The white majority face becoming a minority in "their own" country (as they see it)

5 God doesn't exist, whatever GOP might have you believe

People's fears are being whipped up by unscrupulous networks such as Fox, uneducated politicians such as Palin and retarded bloggers.

Given the number of people with sizeable personal arsenals, this presents the government of the US with a serious problem.

The rabid right may well end up provoking a civil war.

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