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Friday, March 14, 2008

The Hillary and Bill Show

Those members of the Democratic Party who are contemplating their choice of presidential candidate, Hillary or Barack, may think that the desire of Hillary Clinton to fight on until the bitter end reflects her burning ambition to lead the USA as president.

In some respects this may be true. However, her prime motivation and that of her husband is that they have nothing else in their lives other than the desire to hold high political office.

They made a pact decades ago to stick together to gain high office.

In the event that Hillary loses the nomination, she and Bill will be forced to confront the reality of their lives; namely that they have nothing else.

Such is their fear of being forced to confront their inner demons that they will move heaven and earth to avoid them, even if it means destroying the Democratic Party in the process.

Those contemplating which candidate to vote for need to bear that in mind as they make their decision.

To Hillary and Bill it's not really about the presidency, it's about Hillary and Bill.

It always has been.

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