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Wednesday, May 26, 2004

The European Elections for the Invisible Parliament

The citizens of Europe are facing the joys of a European election in the next fortnight, when we have the opportunity to vote for our Members of the European Parliament (MEP’s). This provides an apposite opportunity to pose a few questions, I am happy to publish any replies:

  • What exactly do our MEP’s do?

  • Can you name one piece of legislation, passed by an MEP, that has had a positive effect on the way of life of the citizens of Europe?

  • Does anyone know the name, or party, of their MEP?

Despite the fact that the EU elections are only a fortnight away, I have not received a single solicitation or piece of information from any of the candidates standing; telling me about themselves, or their policies.

We pay these people a more than generous salary and expense allowance, and they have a far better standard of living than the majority of the citizens whom they represent. Yet they choose to remain invisible.

The staging of the elections for the “invisible parliament” costs the European taxpayer a very large sum of money. Yet we see no return on our “investment”.

I, for one, intend to register my protest at this insult to democracy; I do not intend to vote.

I recommend that every like-minded citizen of Europe follow suit.

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