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Thursday, February 19, 2004

Something that Really Scares Me

I am, like all other humans, subject to feelings of wariness about certain behaviour traits that do not necessarily fit in with my own.

Taking a look at my own habits, and traits, I categorise the following as causing me “mild” wariness:

· I am a sociable person, who enjoys a sociable drink; consequently I am a little wary about people who do not drink socially.

· I am not a religious person, and although I respect everyone’s right to follow and practice their own religious beliefs; I am wary of those who inflict their beliefs on others.

· I am of the school “work hard, play hard”; consequently I am wary of those, fit healthy adults, who habitually retire to their beds early.

It is publicly recorded that President Bush:

· Does not drink

· Holds compulsory morning prayer meetings for all his staff

· Tries to be in bed by 21:30

Now, that really scares me!

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