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Monday, May 26, 2003

Get Off Your Backsides

Statistics show that for the first time in history, the number of people who are overweight exceed those who are undernourished.

The ignorant amongst you may feel that this is a cause for celebration, proof that mankind is within reach of eliminating hunger.

Let us not delude ourselves, this is nothing to be proud of. The number of under nourished people in the world exceeds 1 billion, and is unlikely to fall below this in the near future.

Those that are overweight are increasing in number (and size) and, aside from the aesthetic issues associated with obesity, face a myriad of serious health issues arising from their bulk. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

 Heart disease

 High blood pressure

 Diabetes

 Cancer

We should be ashamed of ourselves. Where over 1 billion people go hungry another billion, or so, stuff their faces like pigs at a trough.

There are a number of causes of this epidemic of obesity, including:

 The increased slothfulness and sedentary nature of peoples’ lifestyles.

 The abundance of cheap food in the West, pushing the daily calorie intake ever higher each year.

 The increased consumption of fast food and prepared food that is high in sugar and fat.

 Ignorance as to the difference between wholesome nourishment and junk stodge.

 Laziness on the part of parents who, instead of educating and disciplining their children with respect to healthy eating allow them to gorge on crisps, sweets and fries.

I enjoy food and drink, as you will read in my book “Accountants Can Cook”. However, you will see that I use only fresh ingredients; which contain a good balance of protein, fibre and vitamins.

My recommendations for reducing this obscenity of gluttony are:

 Eat less, exercise more.

 Cut out the junk food.

 Cook food from fresh ingredients.

 Learn to say no to your children when they demand junk food.

 Exercise self discipline.

To those of you who say they neither have the time, ability or inclination to follow these recommendations, my answer is simple; “Bullshit”.

Mankind has survived, and flourished, for millennia without junk food; and managed to cook and eat food prepared from fresh ingredients.

Get off your backsides and improve your lives!

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