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In Your Face
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Sunday, December 15, 2002

An Open Letter to the Non Executive Directors of Cable and Wireless

Lady and Gentlemen,

You will, I believe, soon be searching for alternative employment; as it is my belief that you will shortly be dismissed for having stood by as £22bn of your company’s cash was wasted on worthless investments.

May I suggest that, before placing your names forward for other prestigious positions, you do yourselves and others a favour; by reading, learning and inwardly digesting my article
In Place of Strife (click here to read it).

There is one saving grace in this sorry saga, by presiding over the destruction in value of C&W from £36bn to £1bn you have provided a textbook example of how Non Executive Directors should not “direct”.

I trust and assume that Derek Higgs will take this into account when he presents his review on corporate governance.

Kind regards,

Ken Frost

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